Balanced Stones

The Magic of Stones

My approach to stones is original kind. I created the stone-balance-compositions only for the moment of the photographic documentation to hint that balance is transient.

The unstable stone-sculptures are metaphors of the rule, that one together with one other build a new one as a unit. One needs an Other one to communicate and producing harmony.

The balance symbolizes also peace. It’s by chance, that the anthropomorphous stone arrangements remind on ancient cultures.

The photo-technique forces the viewer to concentrate on the essential: The Balance.

W. Vollmayer Munich 2001



The Evolution of Stones

Stones arise by a supernova and the originate with our sun system.
Besides result tiny dusty grain, which accretion and gravity attracts each other and become
pieces of many sizes. Like this our earth is produced.

The word stone derives from the indo-Germanic “Stai”, it means to become
condensed and solid. Stone condenses in the magma belt of the center of the earth
to magmatic-, sediment- and metamorphic-rock.

Stones are the books of evolution, in which the development of earth-history is
written. Stones consist of minerals and crystals, so far over 4000
different types have been discovered.

Stones belong to the oldest implements and cult objects used in their daily life by
mankind. Stones with eye-like patterns were valued by the Celts as decoration and
protection against evil spirits, also by the Tibetan until now.

Today the most used material is stone.

After millions of years stones erode to dust.

Werner Vollmayer Munich 2002

Stones speak no words – but nevertheless they are speaking. (Japanese saying)

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